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Fabric Banners

Are you preparing for a major school event and want to add an element which would take the decorations to the next level? Well, what about a custom cloth banner?

Nothing announces a major event, a happy reunion, a get together, a corporate occasion or a special birthday better than a large and gaily coloured banner announcing the happy moments to all!

By opting for a fabric/cloth banner, you can enjoy a great result with vibrant displays, and add colour to the special occasion.

Fabric Banners- Old Is Gold!

Though there are now a lot of different banner materials available in the market, but nothing beats the effect and usability of a fabric banner. For indoor parties and events, cloth banners are the favourites!

These banners are light and easy to carry, while you can easily roll them up and stow them away for later without any worries.

Need A Special Banner?

We Are At Your Service!

If you’re planning to buy a fabric banner for a special occasion, then avail our expert services. Our team of expert professionals will help you determine the right design, colours, style and printing resolution, so that the final product is to your satisfaction and our high service standards.

What We Offer!

We offer fabric banners which are made from Warratah or Trilobal Satin material. They are used for indoor and outdoor display, as individual banners and decoration for exhibition booths.

Our team of specialized in-house professionals offer complete assistance to ensure that your need is met and the final product satisfies all the industry, client and our personal quality standards.

Our fabric banners are available in Warratah and Trilobal Satin material and have the following product specifications:

  • Heavy duty Fabric
  • Thickness: 200 GSM
  • Matt Finish
  • Single sided with solid front image.
Strong fabric, minimum stretch and creasing

This is the most popular fabric as it has many different uses. It is a strong fabric with minimum stretch making it suitable for trade show booths, shop front window displays, exhibition backdrops, curtains. It keeps its shape well.

We recommended it for Retail Shop Front, Curtains, or Exhibition Backdrop


Trilobal Satin
  • Medium weight; Strong Fabric
  • Thickness: 130 GSM
  • Gloss Finish
  • Single sided with solid front image.
This fabric has a shimmer and slight ribbing to its weave. It is strong and is very useful for street flags, large indoor banners within shopping malls - perfect for either indoor or outdoor displays

Recommended for street flag, large banners

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Artwork Services available at additional costs.