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Custom Sublimation T-Shirts

T-shirts that are made using the dye sublimated process are fast becoming mainstream, because sublimation printing allows T-shirts to have full vibrant colour design that 100% colour fast and gives you the ability to do all-over sublimation printing. All over sublimation coverage means that your design can cover the full t-shirt not just a part of it.

The Dye Sub Process can only be used on white polyester or high polyester blend fabrics.

What is dye sublimation and how does it work?

Sublimation is when you change a substance's physical state from solid to gas without using a liquid form as an intermediate.

Your image is printed onto Dye Sublimation Paper in a mirror reverse. The imprinted paper is placed on the item and pressed with high temperature. During this process the inks gasify and transfers into substrates like polyester t shirts to produce a permanent print with no hand feel.

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